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Greenfield Christian Church

Nursery Services

Signing in:

A sign-in sheet is available near the entrance of both Nurseries. Parents or guardians are required to sign their child into the Nursery. Parents or guardians must insure all personal items brought to the Nursery are labeled with the child’s name. For hygiene reasons, please hand the child over to the Nursery staff at the doorway. 


The church is equipped with a local paging system to alert parents to return to the Nursery for issues with their child. A pager will be issued to one parent after dropping off the child. The Nursery staff will explain the functions and alerts of the pager. 


Parents are required to notify the Nursery staff of any allergies their child has. The Nursery staff will make provisions to eliminate any sources of substances that children are affected by. 


The Nursery has two rooms to serve parents. The Crib Room is designed for children from birth to early walkers. The Toddler Room is designed for children that are walkers to four years of age. 


The Nursery is staffed by paid caregivers and volunteers. All Nursery staff has received Safe Sanctuary training and has had a criminal background check completed annually.

Occasionally, the youth of our church serve as Nursery staff. To participate in the care of children, the youth must be an active member of the church and be approved by the Director of Christian Education and the Nursery Coordinator. 



The Nursery is open every Sunday from 8:00AM until noon. The Nursery is also open for other weekly worship services and other events at the church. For further information on the Nursery schedule, contact the Nursery Coordinator.

If an outreach organization staying at the church requires the Nursery to be open, they are required to contact the Nursery Coordinator one month prior to the event to allow for scheduling of Nursery staff.


In order to insure a safe and healthy environment for your children and the Nursery staff, parents should not bring their child to the Nursery if they have any of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours:



o   Fever over 100 degrees

o   Undiagnosed rash

Open sores

Runny nose (anything except clear fluid)

Discharge in and around the eyes

Excessive coughing 

Available Set-ups:

  • Refrigerator
  • Changing table
  • Nursing room
  • Cribs
  • High chairs
  • Pagers
  • Emergency telephone

Emergency Information:

Nursery staff is prepared with information and training on proper evacuation or shelter in place procedures. Paid Nursery staff has received training on CPR and AED. The Nursery has a first aid kit available and a telephone to summon emergency services via 9-1-1. 

Safe Sanctuary:

Our church has implemented a Safe Sanctuary Program that takes large strides to make certain that our children are revered in the way Jesus intended and that coming to church is a happy occasion. Under our new policy, which protects both children and vulnerable adults from abusive situations, we have taken steps to make certain that opportunities for such situations are minimized and that we have effective means in place for reporting and addressing suspected abuse, whether it should happen at church or during a church activity, or elsewhere.

Under our policy, there are heightened screening procedures for new and existing employees as well as for volunteers who have regular contact with our children. These procedures include criminal background checks, child abuse history clearances, and reference checks. Further, our standard practice for activities including children is that two adults are present at all times. Remember, the more volunteers we have service the church, the easier it is to meet this standard! On those occasions where two adults cannot be present all the time, a second adult will be available and checking in on the group periodically.

If a volunteer or church employee receives a good faith report of abuse of a child, we have reporting procedures in place that insure that the information gets reported to the pastors and to the authorities in a prompt manner that maintains the confidentiality of the employees and volunteers about our Safe Sanctuary Program and trust that the result of our efforts will be an environment that helps our church and its many valued and trusted employees and volunteers to serve children in the manner Christ intended. Children are welcome at Greenfield Christian Church.